Liquid Line
44 party
 In the multiartistic and multidimensional solo performance by clarinettist Lauri Sallinen, music opens into space, playing becomes dance and the lonely finds a community. Choreographer Mikko Hyvönen directs the music and the movements of the musician to generate a performance that leans towards contemporary dance. The electronic sound design by composer Libero Mureddu transforms the monophonic into the multiphonic, and the interactive video created by Teo Lanerva brings a resonating presence into the space.  Music: Luciano Berio, Franco Donatoni, Olivier Messiaen, Outi Tarkiainen, Steve Reich Musician, performer, concept: Lauri Sallinen Coreography: Mikko Hyvönen Electronics: Libero Mureddu Lighting & video design: Teo Lanerva Costume design: Roosa Marttiini Photos: Katri Naukkarinen Production: Riikka Thitz Residency support: Silence Festival Supported by Kone Foundation
 White Beauty is a performance about radicalisation in nordic countries.  Mellanmjölk Productions: Tanja Turpeinen, Daniel Klingen Borg, Mikko Niemistö, Silja Kauppinen, Sara Guldmyr, Riikka Niemistö ja Moa Asklöf Prescott  Lighting and Video Design: Teo Lanerva Set and costume design: Silja Kauppinen and Sara Guldmyr Mentors: Anni Klein and Tormod Carlsen Production: Tanja Turpeinen and Daniel Klingen Borg
 Nahkanaama (Leather Face) is a one man circus orchestra made with a darker than black sense of humour. The performance switches style from acoustic flamenco into heavy metal aesthetics.  Performer: Jouni Ruuth Director: Rauli Kosonen Lighting design: Teo Lanerva Sound design: Sami Tammela Costumes: Riina Salmi/work group Production: Sirkus Aikamoinen
Nuua - Taival
Wind Etude (2016)
Vanitas (2015)
Bones Helsinki (2015)
Drop Zone (Easter 2015)
Witches of Eastwick (2015)
April Jazz Festival 2014
organorgan (2013)
Gregory Portter at April Jazz 2013
Jesse Kaikuranta (2013)
Jälki Tilassa (2012)
Ottan Tullal (2012)