I’m a freelance lighting designer (BA, Theatrical Arts) based in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to my diverse projects I'm doing master studies in the Department of Lighting and Sound Design of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

I work mostly with contemporary performances, music and events ranging from small underground clubs to festivals. Nothing lights me up as working with music, although I couldn’t make it without the precision and small details of performing arts. I guess that’s the main reason why I’ve chosen to work constantly on both fields.

I love the first creative part in all projects as much as the technical development of the process. As my greatest strengths I see the ability to combine detailed artistic visions with complex technical systems and communicating my ideas using realistic sketches. During the last few years I’ve also started to work with video, which interests me more as an intelligent light source and living set element than source of information.

I'm always looking for new adventures so feel free to contact me! If I’m not answering right away I’m probably busy with some project or catching waves in someplace warm.


Cie Nuua - Taival
Taival is a touring contemporary circus performance. We had the premiere in Strasbourg, France in October 2016.

Founder of the legendary mbar is launching a new venue. A club and a terrace on a 59 meter long freight ship.

"In the multiartistic and multidimensional solo performance by clarinettist Lauri Sallinen, music opens into space, playing becomes dance and the lonely finds a community." The premiere will be in Gloria as a part of Helsinki Festivals program.

"A contemporary circus performance. A one - man dark humour circus orchestra that smells sex and booze. The performance combines flamenco, leather, heavy metal, crazy figures, etc." The premiere will be in STOA in August 2017.

White Beauty
A physical theatre piece about radicalisation process premiering in Korjaamo on September 2017.

We will continue digging deeper with our contemporary "techno band" and doing some very special performances from time to time.

We are looking forward into booking more gigs for many already premiered projects.